“SFP has practical operating experience, a rich history of search investing pattern recognition, and deal negotiating chops. They’re also just fun to talk to and uncommonly available.”
Anthony Runco (Searcher and CEO)

Annual Convocation

Community is at the heart of what we build. SFP’s Annual Convocation brings together over 150 leaders and fosters a tight-knit community of SFP’s active searchers, operating CEOs, spouses/significant others, and alumni who share best practices and form lasting friendships.

We also have dedicated workshops for first year searchers and second year searchers, sharing sourcing tactics and troubleshooting search barriers.

From panel discussions to individual coffee chats to meeting new people at meals and hikes, the fellowship, energy, stories of shared hardship, and authenticity of Convocation unite the SFP community.

Our Active Searchers

For many of our searchers, we are their first phone call or text when they have an idea or a problem. We provide regular feedback as they brainstorm industries and evaluate deals. We seek to meet the individual needs of the talented leaders we back. Below are the searchers we are currently supporting.