We are a boutique shop, dedicated to our craft.

In 2003, Rich and Dave founded the first private equity fund dedicated to investing in search funds.

As experienced CEO’s themselves, they wanted to provide capital and personalized support to search fund entrepreneurs. 20 years later,our approach has remained true to the founding: collaborate with talented entrepreneurs, mentor and equip them with practical skills, and support them – from building an initial sourcing capability to making their first hire as a CEO. 

Jim, Todd, and Noah were each search fund CEOs backed by SFP before exiting their companies and joining the partnership. Their ETA journeys are each a testament to the people-first values SFP is known for. 

How We Think

As a long-standing leader in the Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (ETA) community, SFP builds on the proven success of the search fund model, where entrepreneurs are funded to unearth, acquire and manage a profitable micro-cap company. We enjoy providing capital, but our passion is mentoring leaders.


  • 1

    Leaders are central

  • 2

    Relationships are essential

  • 3

    Search requires an investor + operator mindset

  • 4

    We stand on the shoulders of giants

  • 5

    Tactics change, leadership doesn’t

Our Process

SFP support to entrepreneurs is customized, not formulaic. We assist with investment thesis development and outreach tactics, provide holistic feedback throughout the search, and connect entrepreneurs to our extensive small business network. We help structure deals, serve on boards, and provide resources for maximizing outcomes at exit. We also provide moral support, helping searchers bring the best version of themselves to an exceptionally difficult quest.